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Cause Mapping workshops
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ThinkReliability offers a variety of Cause Mapping Workshops to help managers to front-line personnel learn how to thoroughly investigate complex problems, identify solutions, and establish problem-solving processes within your organization.

All workshops are can be presented at your site or online with a live instructor, so you can choose the training format that works best for your organization’s goals. We also offer a certification program to allow you to become a Cause Mapping champion in your organization.

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Cause Mapping Workshops™ – for Facilitation Leads and Participants

These are our core workshops for becoming better at analyzing, documenting, communicating and solving problems. People attend these workshops to improve their skills in problem solving, incident investigation, root cause analysis and risk mitigation. The following workshops are delivered by a ThinkReliability instructor at the client’s site, but can also be presented effectively, over the web, to meet a client’s specific needs.

Cause Mapping Fundamentals1-Day
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For Investigators, Contributors, Participants, and Team Members

This workshop provides a solid foundation for analyzing and preventing problems. The course covers the concepts, lessons and steps of the Cause Mapping method. Participants will learn how to avoid problem miscommunications and how a clear and thorough problem explanation reveals better solution options. The one-day workshop covers all elements of the Cause Mapping method and provides smart exercises to reinforce specific lessons.

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Cause Mapping for Facilitators(Most Popular Workshop) 2-days
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For Facilitation Leads and Root Cause Analysis Specialists

This workshop covers the foundation of the Fundamentals workshop, and includes facilitation skills to lead a group through a comprehensive problem investigation from start to finish. Attendees work through multiple exercises and case studies to apply the lessons they’ve learned. Every attendee learns how to start a quick analysis than can expand into a detailed explanation of exactly what happened. The course also covers important insights for documenting and presenting a complete investigation.

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Cause Mapping for Facilitators + Documentation3-days
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For Facilitation Leads and Root Cause Analysis Specialists – Includes Documentation Skills

This is the Facilitator Workshop with an additional day of documentation skills. Attendees will learn all the tips, tricks and shortcuts for documenting an entire incident within Microsoft Excel®. The workshop covers each element of the Cause Mapping Template including how to add and edit diagrams, drawings and photos for a clearer investigation. Examples for how investigations should be presented to management are also provided. Each attendee will need to bring their laptop for the 3rd day.

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5-Why Cause Mapping™ Workshops – for Frontline Professionals

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
These workshops provide the people on the frontline with a quick and simple way to start analyzing any problem. The frontline frequently sees problems at their earliest stage, before they blow up into something major. Frontline people are an essential part a risk mitigation strategy. Including them changes the problem-solving capability of an organization.

5-Why Cause Mapping for FrontlineHalf-day
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For Frontline Problem Solvers, Technicians, Troubleshooters, Operations, Maintenance, Craft

This workshop teaches participants to dissect problems. Each attendee learns the basics of cause-and-effect thinking that are fundamental to explaining why a piece of equipment failed, why a schedule was delayed and why an incident occurred. The 5-Why Cause Mapping method teaches critical thinking skills for people to systematically work through a problem. Skills from this workshop the frontline a better resource in the larger problem investigations and improves the way they explain an issue to management.

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5-Why Cause Mapping for Frontline + Application1-day
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For Frontline Problem Solvers, Technicians, Troubleshooters, Operations, Maintenance, Craft – Includes Application Practice

This workshop covers the material in the 5-Why Cause Mapping Skills Workshop in the morning then allows time in the afternoon for attendees to apply what they’ve learned to the actual problems, situations, incidents and issues they’re dealing with. These client case studies can be organized in advance of the workshop with input from supervision and management or they can be identified during the morning session. Working these examples during the training provides the group with a head start on their current problems.

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Leadership Overview – for Management & Executives

High Reliability Leadership1-3 Hours
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This workshop provides leaders with a clear understanding of how cause-and-effect thinking improves an organization’s ability to analyze, document, communicate and prevent problems. An overview is provided of the concepts, lessons and steps of Cause Mapping and how it aligns with the scientific method for a consistent approach to all problems. Leaders need to know what expectations should be for people who attended the Cause Mapping and 5-Why Cause Mapping workshops. This session also provides several Human Performance & Work Process Reliability examples to explain how errors occur and what some organizations do to make them significantly lower. The relationship between problems and work processes is an important take-away for leadership to understand what Highly Reliable Organizations do and how the approach can be applied within their groups.

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