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Using a 5-Why to Start Your Root Cause Analysis Investigations
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Would you like to learn more about how to effectively use 5 Whys?

The 5-Why Approach | ASQ World Quality Conference

Please join us at the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Charlotte, NC on May 1. Mark Galley will be presenting “5 Whys: How to Fully Utilize a Powerful, but Confused Tool.” 5 Whys is one of the most recognized problem-solving tools. The concept is simple, but application varies widely. Different groups within the same company don’t necessarily use it the same way. Because it’s widely misunderstood, 5 Why is frequently discounted as too simple, not quantitative, and not repeatable. The benefit of establishing a 5 Whys baseline within a company is that it’s simple and quick. The 5 Why is not necessarily the end of an investigation, but it’s a great starting point. There is significant opportunity for management and front-line personnel to improve the way they explain problems by properly using this fundamental tool. This presentation will explain how the 5 Whys tool is commonly misused and how it can be more effectively utilized. Actual problems will be provided, as well as examples of how to document and present the 5 Whys.

The 5-Why Approach | ASQ World Quality Conference

 Learning Objectives:

•Build a visual 5 Whys tool for any problem.

•Combine three different 5 Whys into one more complete analysis.

•Define the starting point for a 5 Whys analysis based on the organization’s goals.

•Add evidence to a 5 Whys analysis to ensure that it is valid.

•Document a 5 Whys analysis three different ways upon returning to work.


Also, plan to attend our upcoming Webinar on Friday, April 21, 2017 on How A 5-Why Expands Into a Complete Investigation: Deepwater Horizon  


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