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Cause Mapping Online Public Workshop – FAQ
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Online Public Workshop FAQs

How does the online workshop compare to the 3-day public workshop?

The online Cause Mapping workshop has been developed to achieve the same objectives as the in-person workshop. This is accomplished through lecture, practice exercises, case studies, question and answer sessions, and shared experiences from other students. In fact, the online venue provides some unique opportunities that aren't feasible in the classroom setting, such as live instant polls, breaks between modules for self-study, and the ability to incorporate a final case study exercise.

What are the different ways to listen to the training modules? Is one better than the other?

As an attendee, you have two options to listen to the training modules. You can dial into the conference line from your telephone or you can listen via your computer speakers or headphones. If you have a choice, dialing in to the conference line via a telephone is the best option for two reasons. #1: Voice over the internet requires more bandwidth, which will sometimes affect the quality of the audio. #2: While everyone will be encouraged to interact via a chat window, those on the conference line will also have the option of asking and answering questions over the conference bridge. Please note that the conference number is a long-distance US phone number. If this will affect your ability to connect, let us know and we can provide some alternate solutions to long-distance and international dialing.

Will I have any problems connecting to the training platform for the modules?

Once you enroll in the workshop, you will be provided a unique Join URL to access the sessions. Click on this link to test your computer.

What if I miss one of the training modules?

While we highly recommend attending the live sessions, if you happen to miss one of the modules, you can request access to a video recording of the session. Of course, the disadvantage is that you won't be able to ask questions and engage with the instructor while watching the recording.

You mention self-study exercises, how much time do I need to plan to complete these?

As with any training session, you will get out of it what you put in. The self-study exercises are designed to enhance your understanding and application of the material. For the average student, you should plan about 30 minutes to 1 hour of additional course work between each of the first three modules. The amount of work needed for the final case study exercise will depend on the complexity of the problem you select.

What if I don't have any problems that I can investigate from my company for Module 4?

If you currently don't have a problem to use for Module 4, there are several other options. You can select a past problem that has already been investigated. If you still lack any good options, you can also select a historical incident, or we can provide a case study example that we have created for our workshops. The purpose of the final case study exercise is to apply everything that you've learned, so we recommend completing it even if you don’t have a problem to investigate within your organization.

Can I schedule an Online Workshop for my organization?

Absolutely. We have been delivering company-specific online workshops for many years. Company-specific workshops offer several advantages:

  • We can focus on applying the approach within your organization
  • Examples and case studies are industry specific
  • We can customize the workshop to meet specific needs and objectives
  • Module 4 is hosted as a group session for others to learn from the client case studies
  • Significant savings in cost/person

Request a quote online or call us for more information at 281-412-7766.

When will I receive the course materials?

We deliver all course materials electronically. Five days before the scheduled workshop, you will receive an email with links to download an Online Learning Guide, as well as supplemental materials. You will receive two additional reminder emails from GoToTraining that will include your Join URL for the workshop – these are scheduled to be delivered ONE DAY and ONE HOUR prior to the workshop. These emails will also include a link for you to test your connection to GoToTraining, as well as links to download/print the workshop materials if you choose.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your registration up to 14 days prior to the start of the workshop to receive a full refund. If you provide less than 14 days' notice, then you may transfer to a future session or someone else may attend in your place. To request a refund, send an email to

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