Cause Mapping Fundamentals
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Cause Mapping Fundamentals
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The Cause Mapping Fundamentals Workshop is a condensed version of our most popular 2-day Cause Mapping Workshop. This option consisting of 1 day is delivered onsite only and is designed to cover core concepts and fundamentals of the Cause Mapping approach while building in some examples and exercises to reinforce the concepts learned. This workshop can be a valuable way to expose your employees to the Cause Mapping approach when time is limited.


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You will learn how to:

  • Break down and analyze any problem within your organization
  • Apply valuable communication skills and techniques in day-to-day problem solving
  • Apply fundamental cause-and-effect relationship patterns to expand your solution set
  • Reveal the most effective solution(s) to a problem
  • Avoid the 5 miscommunication traps that derail group problem-solving sessions
  • Incorporate facilitation tips and strategies when leading a group problem-solving session
  • Drive a “prevention” instead of “blame” focus during an investigation
  • Build a Cumulative Cause Map to share lessons learned across your organization

Our Cause Mapping workshops will benefit anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving and problem communication skills. These skills are essential regardless of your industry or role within your organization.

All of our workshops cover the fundamentals of effective problem solving and then show you how to expand this process based on the complexity of the problems you work.

The Cause Mapping Fundamentals Workshop is a condensed version of our signature workshop and is designed to teach anyone how to more effectively solve problems.

Typical problem-solving role

  • Problem solver
  • Investigation contributor

What type of problems do you need to solve?

The severity of a problem should dictate the level of analysis. For high-risk problems, a more detailed analysis will reveal a larger set of solutions across multiple work processes. More solutions = greater risk reduction.


cause mapping worshop packageEach workshop attendee will receive:

  • Extensive Cause Mapping Workbook
  • Support handouts
  • Titanic poster (public workshop only, one copy provided for each onsite workshop)
  • Cause Mapping Templates
  • Online access to attendee resources
  • Completion certificate with CEU credit

What is the difference between the Cause Mapping Fundamentals Workshop and the Standard Cause Mapping Workshop?

Our Signature Cause Mapping Workshop (2 days in length) provides enough time to reinforce concepts with extensive examples and exercises. The second day also provides an opportunity to practice the approach on organization-specific problems. The Fundamentals workshop is condensed into one day and therefore focuses on the same lessons and concepts around the Cause Mapping approach. Practice exercises are also used to reinforce the concepts, but the exercises are cut back, along with the ability to have attendees practice on their own problems in the workshop.

I have attended several training workshops over my 36+ years and this one ranks at the top.

Workshop attendee, Kuraray Vinyls

I left the workshop feeling confident that I have the tools and skillset to facilitate and participate in successful cause mapping.

Workshop attendee, Williams

This workshop will give you the tools you need to effectively build a cause map for anything ranging from an equipment failure to a safety incident, allowing you to see different points in the causal chain to apply corrective actions and prevent unwanted effects.

Workshop attendee, Solvay

I was very impressed with this workshop. I’ve attended other Root Cause Analysis training sessions with other companies in the past, and this was the most useful in terms of content, primarily due to the structure it was able to provide for critically thinking through the problem, and the communication tools it supplied.

Workshop attendee, Lonza

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