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Careers: Investigation Engineer
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Cause Mapping® Investigation Engineer – Candidate Screening Process
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ThinkReliability is a consulting and training organization focused on solving problems, improving business processes and making a difference. In our Cause Mapping® Root Cause Analysis workshops, we teach individuals how to thoroughly investigate and prevent everything from day-to-day recurring problems to catastrophic events.

Headquartered outside of Houston, Texas, with employees working remotely across the U.S., ThinkReliability has been providing Cause Mapping® training and consulting projects globally for more than 20 years. We serve clients across industries including aerospace, agriculture, chemical, defense, energy, healthcare, IT and manufacturing, to name a few.

We are a small business with a broad reach. While working at ThinkReliability, no two days are the same. If you seek an opportunity to help businesses improve and to teach others problem-solving skills, ThinkReliability will be a great place for you.

Our Cause Mapping® investigation engineers are a key element of our success. In addition to having a strong technical background with extensive practical experience, each investigation engineer is a face of our company, representing who we are, our principles and our mission.


Cause Mapping® is a registered trademark of ThinkReliability. The Cause Mapping® method is a simple application of the scientific method – basic cause-and-effect analysis. It applies to troubleshooting, root cause analysis and incident investigation (critiques). Our method has no acronyms, no terminology, no lingo and no software to license. We take a first-principles approach to explain exactly how and why an issue occurred so that effective solutions to mitigate risk can be identified. We document incidents using paper, dry erase boards and electronically in Microsoft Excel.


Are you driven to challenge normal conventions, make a difference and solve problems? As a Cause Mapping® investigation engineer, you are responsible for delivering quality Cause Mapping® training as well as supporting client needs with passion. You will work across various industries and be exposed to a wide array of incidents and topics while applying a practical application of problem-solving principles and concepts. We seek candidates with a strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and high standards of excellence and integrity.


The Cause Mapping® Investigation Engineer will:

  • Focus on being a resource to customers, ensuring training and facilitations are tailored to meet our customers’ unique goals.  
  • Deliver quality Cause Mapping® workshop training content, virtually and onsite, across a variety of industries. 
  • Facilitate investigations, virtually or onsite, across a variety of industries and provide quality Cause Map™ investigation files while coaching the client to ensure understanding of deliverables. 
  • Demonstrate professionalism, integrity and reliability through communications and interaction with customers and colleagues.  
  • Nurture and foster relationships to be an ongoing resource for customers and potential customers. 
  • Engage with a broad spectrum of audiences, ranging from frontline workers to senior-level executives. 
  • Provide input on thought-leadership content to be shared within training, facilitation and marketing materials. 
  • Continuously develop professional skills in ways that include (but aren’t limited to) building example Cause Map™ diagrams for internal and external use, participating in internal calibration calls and watching recorded workshops and short courses. 
  • Strive for excellence in all tasks. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering or science discipline. Advanced degree(s), including MBA, a plus.
  • 3+ years of engineering/technical experience.
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Knowledge and application of process improvement processes.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and interact within all levels of an organization.
  • Inquisitive and detail-oriented personality, seeking to comprehend complex systems and processes.
  • Proven self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Solid computer skills are critical. Familiarity with Cause Mapping® template in Excel a plus.
  • Plant/manufacturing operations experience a plus.
  • Safety/environmental regulatory experience a plus.
  • Fluency in Spanish a plus.
  • Located near Pearland, TX preferred.


How to Apply:

  1.    Build Case 1

a.  Download Case 1 Excel File  –  Directions are in each worksheet in the file.

b. Watch this Video – and download Cause Mapping® Example PDF .  These provide an example of how cause-and-effect relationships fit together on a Cause Map™ diagram.

c. Watch this Cause Mapping® Template Webinar – and visit our  Excel Video Library for additional tips on using Excel for creating Cause Map™ diagrams.

d. Build a 3-Why, 8-Why and 17-Why Cause Map™ diagram for the Flat Tire issue within the Excel file. You can email any questions you may have to

2.    Send us the Case 1 Excel file along with your resume, using the form below:

Cause Mapping® Investigation Engineer Application

  • When the case is completed, change the name of the file to CM – Flat Tire 2017 v1 – your last name in all caps and first name with only the first letter capitalized. Example: CM – Flat Tire 2017 v1 – EDISON Thomas.xlsx. Please upload that file here.
  • Please attach your resume as a PDF here.
  • Please include additional information that you would like for us to know about you.

3.  If this was too tedious, think long and hard before proceeding.