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Careers: Cause Mapping Facilitator
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Cause Mapping Facilitator – Candidate Self-Screening Process
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We have a strong team of people at ThinkReliability and we’d like to add to it.  It’s important that we find people who are a good fit.  We need someone who is interested in our approach and proficient at applying it.  We have some cases for you to work through to better understand what we do.  This way you can determine if the work is appealing before you apply.  If you find the first case interesting we’ll provide you with another one.  If it seems tedious, boring or even painful, this is not the job for you.  We understand it’s a non-traditional approach but we find value in the candidates wanting to learn more and think it’s a good screening process for you. Thanks for your time and potential interest!

How to Apply:

  1.    Build Case 1

a.  Download Case 1 Excel File  –  Directions are in each worksheet in the file.

b. Watch this Video – and download Cause Mapping Example PDF .  These provide an example of how cause-and-effect relationships fit together on a Cause Map

c. Watch this Cause Mapping Template Webinar – and visit our  Excel Video Library for additional tips on using Excel for creating Cause Maps.

d. Build a 3-Why, 8-Why and 17-Why Cause Map for the Flat Tire issue within the Excel file.  You can email any questions you may have to

2.    Send us the Case 1 Excel file along with your resume, using the following instructions:

a. Subject line of email:  Candidate – Case 1 and Resume – your name with last name in all caps and first name with only the first letter capitalized.
Example subject line: Candidate – Case 1 and Resume – EDISON Thomas

b. Attach Case 1 – When the case is completed, change the name of the file to CM – Flat Tire 2017 v1 – your last name in all caps and first name with only the first letter capitalized.
Example: CM – Flat Tire 2017 v1 – EDISON Thomas .xlsx

c. Attach your resume to the email.

d.  Include anything else you’d like us to know about you in the body of the email.

e. If this was too tedious, think long and hard before proceeding.

3.    Send an email to