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Root Cause Analysis Webinar & Training Series

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All our Webinars are offered in current New York City/ Washington DC (US East Coast Time).
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This FREE Webinar will provide you with an overview on how to use the Cause Mapping template in Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007. We will demonstrate how powerful the drawing tool within Excel can be to document, communicate and share your entire investigation without investing in new expensive, complicated software.

One of the cornerstones of ThinkReliability's approach is that we don't use complicated, expensive software to build Cause Maps - we use Microsoft Excel. The drawing tools within Excel are intuitive, flexible and can quickly create a detailed Cause Map. All the documentation for an incident fits within one Excel file, which can be viewed by anyone who has Excel. In this Webinar, we'll teach you how to create graphics and diagrams to aid in the understanding of your incidents using only tools available in Excel.

During this FREE Webinar, we will present a case study of the hotel walkway that collapsed on July 17, 1981, killing 111 in Kansas City. There are several specific lessons on risk, reliability and root cause analysis that can be applied within your organization.

In remembrance of the anniversary of the Concorde crash, we will present a FREE case study Webinar of this historic disaster. On July 25, 2000 a Concorde Supersonic jet crashed near Paris, France killing all 109 people onboard in addition to 4 on the ground. A tire on the left side disintegrated while the aircraft was accelerating during take-off and struck the underside of the wing, rupturing a fuel tank. Fuel poured from the tank and ignited. The Concorde had already reached a velocity where it could not stop safely by the end of the runway so it lifted off the runway with flames hanging from the left wing. The Webinar will discuss the causes of the disaster, including several specific lessons on risk, reliability and root cause analysis that can be applied within your organization.
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