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Root Cause Analysis Webinar & Training Series

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This FREE Webinar will provide you with an overview on how to use the Cause Mapping template in Excel. We will demonstrate how powerful the drawing tool within Excel can be to document, communicate and share your entire investigation without investing in new expensive, complicated software.

The most common start to an investigation is understanding the sequence of events. A timeline is a key tool in organizing the details of an incident chronologically. In this Webinar, we'll teach you how to create timelines and graphs to aid in the understanding of your incidents using only tools available in Excel.

Learn about what causes surgical fires and some methods to reduce the risk of surgical fires while we examine some case studies of actual surgical fires using the Cause Mapping method of root cause analysis.

The Mars Climate Orbiter was launched on December 11, 1998. The mission of the Mars Climate Orbiter was to function as an interplanetary satellite and service as a communication relay for the Mars Planetary Lander. Working together, the Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Planetary Lander were planned to map Mars' surface, profile the structure of the atmosphere, try to detect surface ice reservoirs and dig for traces of water beneath the surface. Eleven years ago, on September 23, 1999, the $125 million dollar Mars Climate Orbiter was lost during the attempt to establish orbit around Mars.

This FREE 45-minute live Webinar will demonstrate the use of the Cause Mapping method of root cause analysis to investigate workplace injuries. We'll look at burns, contamination, vehicle accidents, slips, trips and falls to better understand the factors influencing workplace injuries, how to investigate these injuries, and how to decrease the number of injuries in the workplace.
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