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During the design of a structure, the analysis can be simplified by knowing which components are weaker, which are stronger and then designing to the weaker components. When assumptions aren't verified, they can result in a compounded error 40 years later. In the case of the I-35 bridge collapse, an assumption of a part's strength meant it was never rechecked or inspected, and ultimately resulted in the collapse of the Minneapolis bridge, the deaths of 13 people, and injury to 145. This Webinar is a root cause analysis case study of what led up to the disaster on August 1, 2007.

Learn how to become better at solving problems in your job in just 45 minutes. During this FREE live Webinar, we’ll demonstrate the Cause Mapping method, as well as answer your specific questions about our approach to root cause analysis. The Cause Mapping method is evidence-based cause-and-effect, and can be used on day-to-day issues as well as catastrophic incidents. Anyone wanting to become a more effective manager or team member can benefit from this discussion. Participants will take away practical tips that can be implemented immediately.
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