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ThinkReliability - Root Cause Analysis ThinkReliability specializes in every aspect of problem investigation and prevention. Our Cause Mapping method is an uncomplicated approach to root cause analysis. It's based on the fundamentals of cause-and-effect with a bias toward evidence.

Improve the reliability of your organization.
We reveal the important relationship between problems in your organization and the work processes that produce them. Thorough investigations help create highly reliable work processes to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Cause Mapping root cause analysis can be applied to day-to-day issues as well as major patient events. Focusing on the principles gives us a consistent approach for dissecting complex problems and creating an easy to understand visual dialogue.

Healthcare Root Cause Analysis Examples:
Never Events
Hospital-Acquired Conditions
Hospital-Acquired Infections
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Cause Mapping Excel TemplateReserve your seat today!The best RCA software you didn't know you had.
One of the benefits of the Cause Mapping method is the ability to conduct thorough research and investigation of problems without purchasing new root cause analysis software. We teach clients how to document an entire investigation using a software tool that is already on their PC, Microsoft Excel. This free download contains a worksheet for each element of a comprehensive root cause problem analysis. Learn how to leverage root cause analysis software across your organization using Microsoft Excel.

Root Cause Analysis Workshops

Train your people to use root cause analysis effectively

How an organization investigates problems reflects its culture. Our root cause analysis workshops provide attendees with fundamental concepts, basic steps and excellent facilitation tips for conducting root cause analysis. Attendees will learn every element of a comprehensive investigation including a simple, but thorough documentation method. incidents that require a comprehensive investigation with complete documentation. The Cause Mapping root cause analysis for Healthcare courses use case studies, examples and exercises directly from the medical fields.
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Root Cause Analysis Facilitation Services

Our consultants can lead or coach your team through a complete root cause analysis. We provide facilitation services both on-site and remotely. Do you have a problem you need investigated? A Cause Mapping investigator can start dissecting your incident immediately - simply contact our office. We make the complex clearer and reveal specific points within your work processes to reduce risk.
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Highly Reliable Organizations

A Patient-Centered Approach to Risk, Reliability & Root Cause Analysis

In highly reliable organizations problems indicate work processes can be improved. Problems are investigated using the principles of root cause analysis. Root cause analysis shows how everything from a relatively minor issue to a major patient event contains specific lessons for improving reliability. The people who do the work (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and clerks) have important insight about what specifically can be improved in their work process.

Root Cause Analysis Software in Healthcare

Learn to take advantage of Excel Software capabilities to change the way you investigate and prevent problems within your company.
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