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Our expertise at investigating incidents can immediately be applied to any client issue by having a ThinkReliability facilitator either lead or participate in the investigation. We can demonstrate the effectiveness of the Cause Mapping method of root cause analysis on any problem or incident a client confronts. There are several different services related to investigations that ThinkReliability will provide including RCA facilitation, work process improvement, and reliability consulting.  Request a quote today for a ThinkReliability expert to start working on your problem.

A ThinkReliability Expert Can:

Lead an Entire Investigation

ThinkReliability regularly leads investigations of client specific incidents and problems. Our facilitator can lead a complete investigation including information collection, a thorough root cause analysis using the Cause Mapping method and complete documentation with assigned action items and corresponding improvements in the processes where the incident originated. ThinkReliability instructors are experienced investigators that can demonstrate the Cause Mapping method on a client-specific issue. We are able to help with a major problem where objective, consistent outside assistance is needed or a recurring issue that no one has time to tackle. The investigation can be facilitated by using WebEx an easy-to-navigate web tool, or we can have a facilitator on-site. root cause analysis on any problem or incident a client confronts. There are several different services related to investigations that ThinkReliability provides.

Coach a Team through an Investigation

We encourage a team of people participate in the investigation process, however it is most effective for our facilitators to collect from key participants and organize information prior to the team meeting. ThinkReliability provides a support role as needed to ensure that the investigation continues to move forward, appropriate evidence is collected, cause-and-effect relationships are being captured to the appropriate level of detail, solutions are connected back to specific improvements in work process and the entire investigation is being documented efficiently and clearly. This coaching (support) role ensures a complete investigation by keeping the group consistent and moving in the direction of completion (solutions).

Clearly Document an Investigation

Many clients have found the Cause Mapping method to be an effective way to organize their information from a particular issue. Some problems and incidents are very complex and involve multiple people, groups, businesses, etc. ThinkReliability instructors can organize a huge amount of information in a very coherent format. Entire incidents are captured in a complete Cause Mapping workbook using Microsoft Excel software, complete with a table of contents and all accompanying information.

Capture Work Processes

An organization's work processes are defined as how the organization does what it does. If an organization wants to improve how they execute a process, they must have a bias for clear work processes. Capturing  the current state to improve is fundamental for establishing a long term perspective on process improvement. No process is "done." There is always opportunity to reduce time, errors, failures, defects, delays and steps. Better is better in improving a process. Your work process experts are already on your payroll. Your employees already know what is going well and what is going poorly. Once they understand how to tie the "why" questions in they will have a method for communicating and working improvements into their processes.


How it Works

Request a quote to start on your problem. Our investigation/facilitation services are billed hourly. Once our ThinkReliability facilitators begin an investigation they typically have a very good estimate of the total time needed to investigate the incident. Your ThinkReliability facilitator will regularly provide updates on the number of hours applied to the investigation. We encourage our clients to initially work with our facilitators remotely to collect background information. This remote workstyle is lead by using WebEx, an easy-to-navigate web tool. If the client prefers the investigation be completed at their facility, we can arrange for travel and still start remotely over the phone and have much of the investigation together before arriving on site. Often clients suggest that we hold off on the trip because the investigation has progressed to a point that more information and evidence needs to be collected. The remote solution is a very economical and timely way for clients to utilize our service. It's fast and effective.
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