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Root Cause ThinkReliability are specialists in applying root cause analysis to solve all types of problems. We investigate errors, defects, failures, losses, outages and incidents in a wide variety of industries. Our Cause Mapping analysis method of root causes, captures the complete investigation with the best solutions all in an easy to understand format. ThinkReliability provides investigation services and root cause analysis training to clients around the world and is considered the trusted authority on the subject.

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Documenting Your Investigation in Excel: Tips & Tools
Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Time: 11:00-11:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
Cost: FREE

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Consumers outraged by EpiPen price increases

Outrage over rampant increases in drug prices is nothing new. But it seems to have reached a new high with the rising cost of the EpiPen.

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Cause Mapping Excel TemplateReserve your seat today!The best RCA software you didn't know you had.
One of the benefits of the Cause Mapping method is the ability to conduct thorough research and investigation of problems without purchasing new root cause analysis software. We teach clients how to document an entire investigation using a software tool that is already on their PC, Microsoft Excel. This free download contains a worksheet for each element of a comprehensive root cause problem analysis. Learn how to leverage root cause analysis software across your organization using Microsoft Excel.

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Training - Improve your problem solving skills

Our root cause analysis workshops improve the way people analyze, document, communicate and solve problems. Attendees develop skills to determine the total value of a problem, to organize all of the information into a thorough analysis and to select the best solutions. The skills learned in this workshop significantly improve the way people see problems and solve problems.

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Do you have a problem or incident that you need investigated right now? ThinkReliability professionals can immediately begin leading the investigation of a complex problem at your location. We can help you solve those complex, recurring and "need to get to" problems today. Click here to learn more about our investigation services and facilitation capability.

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Case Study: View the Cause Map for the sinking of the Titanic
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ThinkReliability establishes an investigation and problem solving approach within an entire organization. The overall goals drive the root cause analysis effort so that each problem is framed in the proper context in terms of value and affected groups. The problem solving processes, roles, training and coaching is defined across the business.

Implementing a Program: Learn how implementing a defined problem solving discipline can affect your business.

Titanic Video
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We've created several videos on our site to help you see our process root cause methods in action. These videos are free and can be used as many times as you like.

"An introduction to the ThinkReliability Approach" provides an 8-minute overview of the Cause Mapping approach.

In "Cause Mapping: The Sinking of the Titanic", we have showcased an example of how the Cause Mapping process can be applied to a specific incident, the tragedy of the Titanic sinking.

In 'Hubble Telescope: Focus on solutions, not "the problem."', see how lessons learned from the Hubble telescope project can help your organization find better solutions.

Even more videos are available. These concise, informative videos are perfect for your next Staff or Safety meeting.

Videos: See the Cause Mapping authority in action

Root cause analysis definition: An approach for identifying non-conformance underlying causes of why an incident occurred so that the most effective solutions can be identified and implemented. It's typically used when something goes badly, but can also be used when something goes well. Within an organization, problem solving, incident investigation and root cause analysis are all fundamentally connected by three basic questions: What's the problem? Why did it happen? and What will be done to prevent it?
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